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Why Digital Skills for the Workplace?

Increasing your digital literacy and building digital skills is an essential step to growing your career – whether you are returning to the workforce, changing careers or seeking advancement in your field.

 The DSW program aims to increase digital literacy and employability of women and gender diverse individuals, focusing on marginalized communities across Canada. By providing accessible and practical digital skills training, we aim to close the gender gap in the Canadian labor market.

With funding from the Government of Canada through the Department of Employment and Social Development: Canada’s Adult Learning, Literacy and Essential Skills Program, YWCA collaborators across the country will offer workshops that aim to increase digital literacy and confidence in the digital workforce.


Who is this for?

The DSW program is designed for women and gender diverse individuals looking to upskill in order to enter or advance in the workforce and who are interested in learning new digital skills for the workplace.

Priority will be given to those who identify as part of one or more of the following groups:

  • Racialized
  • Newcomers to Canada
  • Indigenous
  • Other equity-seeking groups

Where is this training? 

This training will be held at four different YWCA associations across Canada, including:

  • YWCA Halifax
  • YWCA Prince Albert
  • YWCA Toronto
  • YWCA Kitchener-Waterloo

Kitchener - Waterloo sessions will be hosted both virtually & at YW Thrift Boutique / IHCS 102 King st W.

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Service delivery for organizations & small businesses:

To learn more about incorporating Digital Skills for the Workplace into your community program or training you can email us at


Digital Skills for the Workplace (DSW) Program Course Outline

Foundations I – Introduction to Digital Skills

  • A warm welcome to the Digital Skills for the Workplace Program
  • Teaching the fundamentals of Internet safety, finding and verifying information online, and acceptable uses of technology at work


LEVEL I – Communication, Collaboration & Online Recruiting

  • A comprehensive introduction to various software programs you will encounter in the workplace
  • Practice skills needed to succeed in a digital space through communicating, collaborating and job-searching online
Communication I - The Virtual Workplace: Creating & Sharing Files
  • Create, save, and convert files commonly used in various workplace settings

  • Communicate clearly using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel for the workplace

  • Send files and communicate professionally using Gmail, Outlook and Adobe Acrobat Reader

 Collaboration I - The Team Player: Working Together with Digital Tools
  • Learn how to attend online meetings, troubleshoot technology issues and become familiar with essential collaboration tools using Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and Webex
  • Learn Cloud computing basics with Google Drive, SharePoint and Dropbox
Online Recruiting I - Preparing for Work: Maximize Your Application Potential
  • Navigate online job boards, applicant tracking systems and employer wish lists

  • Create, edit and draft an adaptable resume or CV and cover letter with sought-after keywords using Canva, Microsoft Word and online templates


For questions or assistance, please contact:


Griselda Campos-Linares, Program Coordinator, IHCS (Digital Skills)



Why Are Digital Skills Important?

Almost 80% of CEOs globally, in 2019, reported concern over the gap observed in the technical skills of their employees

Only 30% of Canadians 
said they felt very prepared with digital skills required for the workplace in 2022

250,000 additional jobs
 are expected to be in demand for the Canadian digital economy by 2025

The DSW Workshop Series aims to increase foundational skills newly identified by the Government of Canada as Skills for Success.

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Funding Provided By:

Employment and Social Development Canada